Enrichment - Add Default Value

Follow these steps to Add Default Value in Fogwing IIoT Platform

Set Default Value

Enrichment feature in Fogwing IIoT Platform does not only facilitate extraction of valuable insights with the conversion of attributes. Enrichment helps set and receive a specific default information. Default information can also be identified as Static data that appears with real-time data. (Eg: Room number, location name, and so on).

To .Set Default Value:

  1. Login to your Fogwing IIoT Platform account.

  2. The Home page will appear.

  3. From Edge Network in the menu bar, click Edge Devices. Edge Device page will display.

  4. Select the Attribute option from the Edge Devices page.

  5. Attribute list view page will appear. Click Add Attribute on the top right of the Attribute list view page.

  6. Fill in the required details. In the Default section, put the default information that you wish to be generated with real-time data. Check the Synthetic box.

  7. Click the Submit button.

Synthetic refers to something that is not present. Therefore when the Synthetic box is checked true, the specifically added data will be appear in the whole payload.

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