Search Data Storage

Follow these steps to Search Data Stream on Fogwing Enterprise cloud.

Note: Applicable to all users of Fogwing enterprise cloud.

Catch the exact Data amid continuous streaming

With an active account and almost everything set in place and now in action, you naturally would want to track data that is being sent from a deployed edge to the platform. Fogwing Enterprise edition allows you to track streaming data by not just viewing but even searching a specific data transfer to the platform by deployed edge.

To Search your Data Stream:

  1. Start by logging in to your Fogwing Enterprise cloud.

  2. Soon after logging in the Home page will appear.

  3. Click Data Stream from the left side of the Home page.

  4. Upon clicking Data Stream, you will be directed to the Data stream list view page. Click the Search button, found on the right top corner.

  5. You will arrive on the Search Data Payload page.

  6. Choose the device, choose a time interval and enter search keywords, you will land at the exact specific data you wanted.

  7. You can then click on back button at the bottom right of the view data log page, if you wish to go back.

The above image is a graphical representation of a searched Data stream. The data can further narrowed down to weekly, monthly or yearly in the graph display by choosing the required.

The image above is a list view of searched data from the data stream records.

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