Command Details

Follow these steps to access Command Description Page on Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

Cross Verify Particulars of a Command in Operation

A detail oriented incentive that comes along with Fogwing enterprise cloud account. You probably want to view in detail the particulars of a set command that is in execution. Well, you don't have to worry as Fogwing enterprise cloud provides features that enable you to access prior commands in detail.

To access Command Description Page:

  1. As the first step, login to your Fogwing Enterprise Cloud account.

  2. The Home page will appear upon logging into your account.

  3. Select the Command button on the left side of the Home page, the command list view page will appear.

  4. Click the View button against the command you wish o view in detail / get a detailed description.

  5. You will be directed to the Command Details where you can access a detailed particulars of a command in execution.

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