Fogwing Hierarchy

Understanding the hierarchy of the functional modules within Fogwing

The below diagram will represent the structure of the Fogwing platform modules and functional relationship between each components.

Please note the below relationship between each functions within Fogwing.

  • Organization - Each instance of the Fogwing should have only one organization. Super Admin is the owner of Organization setup. Since Enterprise Cloud environment is multi-tenant, Organization level of controls are owned by Factana (unless customer purchases a dedicated environment) .

  • Tenant - Tenant is a sub-organization owned by each customer registered in Fogwing Enterprise Cloud. This includes community users, small, medium enterprise who subscribed to Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

  • Application - Applications are owned by tenant. Each tenant user may create one or more IoT application to group the edge devices and business logics.

  • Edge - Each edge device should belong to only one application. Edge and related connection cannot be created without application.

  • Data Rules - Data driven rules can be created with association of one application and Edge or LoRa devices.

  • Command - Each command should be created with association of one application and Edge. Generally Edge is the receiving end of command. Therefore each command should deliver command message to only one Edge device. Command cannot be delivered to LoRa Gateway and Node in the current version of the Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

  • User - Tenant Admin may create multiple users with role as Tenant Admin or Tenant Viewer. Tenant cannot create or modify the organization since organization is the Super User.

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