Create Data Rules

These steps help you create data rules on Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

Note: Only Admins and Tenants can perform this action.

Mandate your Device to Alert when Needed

As an admin user by now, you would have an activated account, set edges, configured IoT hub access and added applications; but you are one step away from acquiring real time data from your deployed edge. This is the most important step to help your platform execute alerts/actions when needed. It caters to function in a way that meets your convenience. Fogwing Enterprise Cloud offers exclusive data rules features through default operation and custom operation alongside command configuration that instructs your device to perform an assigned action.

To Create your Data Rules:

  1. As the normative step, login to your Fogwing Enterprise Cloud account.

  2. Soon after logging in to your account, you will arrive on the Home page of Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

  3. Toward the left side of your Home page is the menu section. Click the Data rules option.

  4. Upon clicking Data Rules, you will be directed to the data rules list view page.

  5. Select the 'Add' button that is found on the top right of the Data rules list view page.

  6. You will now land on the 'Add Data Rule' page, fill in all the required fields that becomes a threshold for monitoring the environment where the edge has been deployed.

  7. In the 'Action' field, you can opt for either, email, SMS or webhook. Apart from that you can even activate 'Send Command', frequency and execution time for a set command to perform an action.

  8. Click 'Submit' button that is on the right side bottom of the 'Add Data Rule' page.

Upon clicking submit button, you will be displayed with a message that reads 'Successfully xxxxxxxxxxxxx added'.

Note: The email ID you enter is where you will receive alerts in case of an emergency. The backend validation processes data in accordance with your set data rule.

As per above "Data Rules" configuration page, All rules should be declared based on the inbound data's key/value basis. User may select predefined keyword or custom entry based on the data sent by devices. Each rule is applicable to only one device. User may create one or many data rules against one device.

Data rule engine validate the data if the data are in the form of JSON (either simple or nested). If the inbound data are in other format than rules will be applied.

The following are the sample format of the data rule declarations. However user may completely customize according to need.

Data Key







Critical - SMS








Command = { OFF }

Motion Detection







Command = { WaterON }

Note: If the Data Rule is set as invalid, an alert message regarding rectification will be sent till it is rectified to suit the operations of the platform.

Data rules can also be triggered on schedule basis. For example, If you do not wan data rules execute during day hours due to known issue or any maintenance period, you can schedule the rules not execute or execute during that period. To create schedule based data rules, just follow the above instructions but before submit, select Schedule tab on the page to configure the timing.

Please note that scheduling start time and end time working on 24 hours basis. Execution timing is on IST only (Indian Standard Time).

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