Create Command

Follow these steps to create command on Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

Note: Applicable to Admins and Tenants only.

Instruct your Device to Trigger an Action

Now that you have created Applications, IoT Hub Access, Edges, data rules and so on within Fogwing Enterprise Platform, you are probably wondering what exactly is the feature that triggers the device to act upon an emergency? Well, this is it, its the Command feature in Fogwing Enterprise Platform that solves the issue at hand. It is a unique feature that works independently and interdependently of Data rules. It's up to you on how you choose to operate!

To Create Command:

  1. As the first to any activity, Login to your Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

  2. After you login, you will arrive at the Home page of Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

  3. Toward the left side of the Home page is the menu section, Click on the Command option.

  4. Upon clicking the Command option, the command page will appear.

  5. Select the 'Add' button on the top right of the command page. You will then land on the 'Add Command' page. Fill the required fields. The Command Execution Mode is what decides how your Command will trigger an action. (Independent - Scheduled; Interdependent - Rule based).

  6. Click the Submit button that is on the bottom right side of the page as soon as you finish filling the fields.

  7. You will be directed to the Command List view page, where you can see the command you just created.

Once you click the submit button to create a Command, you will be displayed with a message that reads, 'Successfully xxxxxxxxxx Added'.

Note: The Command that you enter while creating the same must be in JSON format.

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