What is Data Rules

An inbuilt rules engine to trigger action based on the device data

Data Rules is the one of the critical and core function with in Fogwing IIoT Platform. The real value of IoT comes out when automating the action based on the device data. Data driven action is the best way to react based on the value of the data. Fogwing IIoT Platform simplify the rules declaration and actions without writing any code or script.

Fogwing Data Rules executes the following actions based on the data driven action defined.

  • Alerts

    • Email

    • SMS

    • Webhook (send notification to any third-party app or mobile app via HTTP)

  • Command

The data driven alerts can be triggered as "Warning" or "Critical" based on the user preferences. Either way, all alerts can be send to anyone (either user or third-party) based on the configuration. All alert notification are tracked in the "Notification Log" for later reference.

Command is a function to send instructions to any connected devices (must be declared as one of the edge device). Command can be triggered based on the data rules defined.

Command should be declared as "Rules" driven before create Data Rules.

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