Tenant Viewer

Know your accessibility levels to enhance your experience.

Note: Applicable to Small, Medium and Large edition purchase of Fogwing enterprise cloud.

Moderate Administrator

Last of its kind in the tenant section is the user. It is the Super admin who can create and establish a Viewer. Once the Super admin creates a Viewer, functions of the Viewer will be activated automatically. Concerning the tenants in Fogwing Enterprise version; the Viewer is not enabled to perform any action but is rather assigned to oversee the entire details and updates pertaining to monitoring and tracking environment. There are differences in how each user views the menu section on Fogwing, dive in and explore.

To access Viewer menu list on Fogwing Enterprise Cloud:

  1. Buy the Fogwing Enterprise cloud package.

  2. You will be asked to fill details upon being issued a form after purchase.

  3. Once you've filled and submitted the form along with your details, it will further be processed to permit your access.

  4. After the given information is processed, Fogwing engineers will provide you with a Username and Password (can be changed).

  5. You can login to your Fogwing Enterprise account on receiving login credentials.

  6. After login, you can change the password for your assurance. As you login, you will land on the Home page of Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

  7. The menu list is located on the left side of your Home page screen, you can access the same. It is to be noted that the menu list varies from each kind of tenant.

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