View My Application

Steps for viewing your application on Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

Note: Applicable to all users (Admin, Tenants and Viewers).

You now begin to Monitor data

The purpose of this platform is to help you with monitoring real time data, following these steps will bring you closer to gaining specific knowledge of your environment. Remember, to do any of this you must first have purchased the Fogwing Enterprise Cloud and start with accessing the same.

For an overview of Fogwing IIoT Platform, visit

To View your Application:

  1. Login to your Fogwing Enterprise Cloud account.

  2. The home page of Fogwing Enterprise Cloud will now appear.

  3. You will find the application menu list on the left side of your screen, click on the same.

  4. The applications you have already added will appear in the application list view page.

  5. The application list view is where you can see the previously added applications and the ones that you will add.

In the Enterprise version, you can add as many applications you want as opposed to the 2 devices limitation in the Fogwing Community version.

You can now monitor your real time data generated by your device/edge.

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