Create IoT Hub Access

To create your own IoT hub access on Fogwing Enterprise Cloud, follow these steps.

Note: Applicable to Admins and Tenants only.

Secure your Data and track the same on Data Store

As the first step to a follow up, you must have purchased and be an active user of Fogwing Enterprise Cloud edition. Our platform serves to provide you with real-time data from the deployed edges regarding respective fields. In order to actively receive data from your edges and monitor your environment closely, you must create IoT hub Access. IoT hub Access gives you the potential to send data from edges to data logs along with encryption that enables you to track each activity associated with the environment where the device is deployed.

To Create your IoT Hub Access:

  1. As is the primary step, login to Fogwing Enterprise account.

  2. You will land on the Home page as soon as you login.

  3. Click the Edge Network button toward the left side of the Home page, a menu list will appear.

  4. From the menu list of Edge Network, select the IoT Hub Access option. You will be directed to the IoT Hub Access list view page.

  5. Select the 'Add' button on the top right side of the IoT hub Access list view page.

  6. Fill in the required fields. Username, password and select an edge, click 'Submit' button.

  7. You will now have created an IoT hub Access. It will be displayed in the IoT hub Access view list.

Note: When you fill in the Username and Password for creating IoT hub Access, please make sure you remember your Password. Username will be provided in the credentials list whereas Password will not be provided for encryption purposes.

Upon Clicking Submit button after filling the above fields, you will be directed to IoT hub Access list view page with a message that reads 'Successfully! 'xxxxxxxxxx' created.

By creating the IoThub access credentials, the user may connect any edge devices to Fogwing IoThub through MQTT and APIs. Without creation of the above access, any device connection will be ignored by IoThub.

Any duplication edge device connection and data publishing will lead into access lock and data freeze automatically. Please avoid sending duplication device connection and send data to Fogwing IoThub.

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