What is Application

Introducing IoT Application Management

The application is the most critical one to manage the IoT edge devices, data rules, data storage and data analytics uniformly. In Fogwing, Application is a group of edge devices or LoRaWAN Node/Gateway connected together virtually as one application. You also consider application as similar to project creation in development. In order to create and configure any devices, collect data by group, handle rule and other operational data analysis by group, the user should first declare the applications. Each user may create multiple applications depending the use cases and grouping needs.

The Fogwing platform and related modules are grouped as application, so application is the top of the hierarchy in Fogwing architecture. If you are not sure about fogwing hierarchy, refer below page.

pageFogwing Hierarchy

Strengthen Your Ability To Manage IoT

Application is the foundation, so all IoT use case implementation should be group logically or physically as application. The following points to be noted for better understanding.

  • Application should be created first before create other functions. Keep application name as relevant to scope name of the IoT implementation.

  • Create edge devices or LoRaWAN devices against specific application and locations. If you group application by location or business unit, keep the devices that belongs to that group.

  • Create IoThub access against devices which indirectly map to application which holds the edge.

  • Create data rules against application and devices to make it grouped for specific data specification.

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