View IoTHub MQTT Access

Following these steps will help you view your IoT hub access on Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

Note: Accessible to Admins, Tenants and Viewers.

Analyze your Environment with IoT Hub Access

To view your IoT Hub Access, make sure you have an activated account on Fogwing IIoT Platform along with application, edge and IoT Hub Access created prior. Having created an IoT hub Access, you will be able to receive data generated by the edge to Data storage from where it is easily accessible. You probably just want to view your credentials given to you by us, do not worry as we provide you facility to view the same.

To View your IoT Hub Access:

  1. Login to your Fogwing account through web control center.

  2. The Home page will appear after you log in to your Fogwing account.

  3. Toward the left side of the Home page, click on Edge Network. a menu list will slip down.

  4. Select 'IoT Hub Access' from the Edge Network menu list. You will be directed to IoT Hub Access list view page.

  5. On the right end of each IoT hub Access you have created is a 'View' button, click on that.

  6. Upon clicking view button, you will arrive on the 'View IoT hub Options page'.

  7. Here you can choose either MQTT or API. Select MQTT option now.

  8. This is where you can find your MQTT access credentials and various other details that have enabled you to transfer data from edge to data logs/cloud.

Note: Once IoThub access created, You can only view your IoT hub Access but you cannot Modify or Edit anything. You can only Add, View and Delete IoT hub Access.

In the above image, Block 1 represents general MQTT access information such as IP/Domain name, port number and publishing topics. If you are subscribed to "Startup" or "Growth" plan then you can also see the subscription topic.

Block 2 shows the authorized edge device details include name, model, MAC ID and EUI ID. The copy button helps to copy / paste the details through clipboard.

Block 3 shows the Fogwing IoThub generated Client ID and Username which are required to make any MQTT client connection from the edge devices.

Block 4 shows the sample data in JSON format. This sample data also includes your edge device EUI and Client ID for message level authorization. Without EUI and Client ID, message will not be processed by Fogwing IoThub.

Please note that Fogwing IoThub will support only JSON format device messages. It is responsibility of the device to form the JSON format and send to IoThub over MQTT or APIs.

Note: By default, TLS/SSL is enabled for IoT hub Access. This is to ensure 128 bit secure encryption channel.

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