List of terminologies and it's meanings.

The following table lists the Fogwing terminologies that are used across the application:




Virtual name for one or group of edge functions


Any device or gateway that sends telemetry data to cloud application


An MQTT hub is the gateway of fogwing to receive high volume messages

Client Id

A unique id required to connect with MQTT broker

Data log

A data storage of telemetry data received from edge devices

Active Edge

The edge devices that are in contact with Fogwing IoThub less than 3 hours

Inactive Edge

The edge device(s) that were connected earlier and are now silent for more than 3 hours


the actual payload received from the edge devices through IoThub

Audit log

All functional events that happen within Fogwing recorded as log

This is a living page where we will keep updating the terminologies as and when we introduce.

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