Tenant Admin

Know your accessibility levels to enhance your experience.

Note: Applicable to Small, Medium and Large edition purchase of Fogwing enterprise cloud.

Fine Tuner

In order to become a Tenant who fine tunes tasks of monitoring along with the Super Admin, it takes some effort on the part of the Super Admin to initiate and establish a Tenant. Once the Super admin creates and authorizes you as a tenant, you will be enabled to proceed with further functions. With specific reference to the context of users; the tenant occupies the next level in the privilege of performing and viewing operations in Fogwing Enterprise edition. There are differences in how each user views the menu section on Fogwing, let's explore.

Tenant is also referred as a Developer in the context of Fogwing enterprise edition users.

To access Developer menu list on Fogwing Enterprise Cloud:

  1. Buy the Fogwing Enterprise cloud package.

  2. Following which a form will be given for your details to be filled.

  3. Once you've filled and submitted the form along with your details, it will further be processed to validate your access.

  4. Soon after the given information is processed, Fogwing engineers will provide you with a Username and Password (can be changed).

  5. You can login to your Fogwing Enterprise account on receiving login credentials.

  6. After login, you can change the password for your assurance. As you login, you will land on the Home page of Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

  7. You will find the menu list on the left side of your Home page screen, that you are enabled to access. The menu list varies from each kind of tenant.

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