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Multi-Tenant User Management:

Fogwing Cloud comes with Multi-Tenant capabilities that allow Medium and Large IT Enterprises to create and operate each Business and Operational Unit specific IoT Solutions that are separate Tenant for data isolation, integrity and less complexity. This feature is embedded as part of the Control Center to enable the operation admin to administer the platform easily. By default on all subscription plans, subscriber will be considered as tenant only. However each tenant can add additional users within their tenant space as added users.

Enterprise Control Center:

A Web based Control Center is provided for all users as an interface to interact among all modules within the Fogwing Cloud environment. Tenant Admin may create, manage and operate organization details, Users, Network, Gateway and Devices through the Control Center. In addition to administration, it provides Operational Dashboard and Device Health Index.

Network Service Management:

If you are a Fogwing IIoT Platform User, who wants to implement LoRaWAN Private Network across multiple regions, you will need to create a multiple network. Network Service Management is a module that would help to create multiple LoRaWAN network across different regions and manage tenants simultaneously. This is a highly complex networking strategy that requires technical expertise for effective management of multiple LoRa Networks. As part of Fogwing Managed Services, we offer help to manage Network Services on your behalf.

Device Analytics:

Fogwing cloud comes with advanced analytics capabilities that help measure performance of devices and network communications between IoT Gateways and Devices. This includes the health status, historic performance metrics and real-time monitoring.


In addition to the API Integration availability within the Fogwing cloud edition comes with pre-built connectors for pushing data into enterprise; customer's preferred environment such as AWS S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud Storage and other API interfaces. Customer can also fetch the data from Fogwing cloud through Fogwing APIs as consumer. The environment will be configured depending on customer preferences.

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