Follow these steps to access Simulator on Fogwing IIoT Platform.

Simulate Data

You might not have a device yet, but wish to access the data flow in Fogwing. That's possible, Fogwing offers a solution with the 'Simulator' feature. The Simulator lets you send data to Fogwing and view data flows in Fogwing and Analytics. You need not invest without knowing how the Platform functions!

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To Access Simulator:

  1. As the primary step to any activity in Fogwing, Login to your Fogwing IIoT Platform account.

  2. Upon Login, the Home page will display.

  3. From the menu bar on the left side of the Home Screen, Click 'Simulator' from Edge Network.

  4. The 'Simulator' page will now appear. In the 'Payload' section, put the necessary data using sample data.

  5. Then, Click the 'Simulate' button towards the bottom right side of the page. The data flow in Fogwing and Analytics can eventually be tracked.

Payload Should be in JSON format only.

Attributes prefix with $ symbol are considered as system variable and may be used for AI Services.

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