Delete My Application

Follow these steps to delete you application on Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

Note: Not applicable to Viewers. Concerns only Admins and Tenants.

Delete your Application, Anytime

Our services are holistic in nature and here's some proof. You need not panic if you do not want a certain application on the platform, there is always a solution. When you are provided the option of creating an application, stay assured that it is possible for you to delete the same, if need be.

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To Delete your Application:

  1. Login to your Fogwing Enterprise Cloud account.

  2. You will land on the home page.

  3. Click the application menu, on the left side of the screen.

  4. Previously added applications will be displayed.

  5. With each application in the application list view, toward the right side there is an edit button.

  6. Click the edit button and select delete button that is available of the .

  7. Once you select delete, the previously created application will be deleted from the application list view.

Upon clicking the 'Yes' button for deletion of Application, you will be asked to confirm the same. If you confirm the same, the application will be deleted.

The application will be deleted provided it is not connected to an Edge. If it is connected to an Edge, user must first delete the Edge in order to delete the Application.

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