Control Center Overview

The landing place of Fogwing IIoT's Web Control Center .

What is Fogwing Control Center?

The Control Center is the primary web interface for Fogwing platform. All user interaction with Fogwing happens through the Control Center. All operational activities from account creation to device provisioning, data rules, command configuration are happening through Control Center web interface. There is no additional IDE (Integration Development Environment) or tool is required to build Fogwing based IoT solution. Everything is easy to use interface based configuration. Admin User may be created by through account registration or viewer user created through user management, both are happening through the control center only.

To create account in Fogwing, visit

When you create an account in Fogwing IIoT Platform, your account will be created as default user with limited features. If you want to have an access to more functions and capabilities, you may request for an account upgrade by sending email to support team or using the support request menu within your account.

All users registered in Fogwing will get access to the Control Center immediately. The system generated automated email notification to inform to the registered tenant within few minutes of registration. If you have registered but have not receive any confirmation email, you may reach out to Fogwing support team.

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