What is Command Center

The control room to send instructions to your devices.

The command center is the special feature of Fogwing IIoT Platform. Typically, IoT deployments are intend to read data from the condition and explore analytics. But Command Center is to facilitate the IoT Solution to deliver messages and instructions to Edge devices. Fogwing Command Center is MQTT based engine which will deliver the message to the devices through IoThub. However edge devices should be receptive to subscribe to the IoThub (MQTT) to receive the data.

Due to security reasons, alway devices should make a connection to the IoThub to receive instructions and command from the Fogwing Control Center. Fogwing never deliver the message to any of the devices directly connecting over internet.

Command Center feature is available only to "Startup" and "Growth" subscription users. Community users will not have access to Command Center feature until upgrade to "Startup" subscription.

Fogwing's Command Center can deliver the messages to any of the edge devices based on the following triggers.

  • On-Demand

  • Schedule Basis

  • Data Rule Basis

Fogwing User may schedule any repeated command or instructions to the devices as schedule basis. Example: Turn-on street lights at 6PM and turn-off at 6AM. Both should be declared as JSON based command send to the Edge device attached with light switches for it to act on it.

Fogwing User may also trigger command based on the inbound data via data rules functionality. In this case, the inbound data from any of the device may trigger command to same or another device automatically. For example, Turn-on the water sprinklers when the soil moisture is lower than 30%.

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