Understanding Enrichment Specifics

Note these specific to use the Enrichment feature in Fogwing IIoT Platform

Equip Your Understanding to Extract Insights

In order to extract valuable insights / enriched data pertaining to declared attributes, it is essential to understand specifics / key terms associated to Enrichment feature of Fogwing IIoT Platform.

Here's a list of specifics to equip the understanding of Enrichment feature:

1) Attribute - Attributes are parameters or data points generated by the machine or device as recognized and classified under. Example: Temperature, Humidity, Volt, Speed, Weight, Status, Battery and so on.

Declaring the right Attribute, will help the generation of required enriched data.

There are three types of Attributes that can be declared when creating an Edge in Fogwing IIoT Platform.

  • Device Attributes - This type of attribute is inbound data to the cloud and is generated by the device. The device data is sent by the device through IoT Gateway to the Fogwing Cloud.

  • System Attributes - This type of attribute are Data points that are preconfigured in Fogwing cloud to process certain health checks.

  • Synthetic Attributes - This type of attributes are not generated by system / device. Synthetic Attributes are manual data that are enriched using device attributes and arithmetic formula.

2) Formula - The formula function in Fogwing is an arithmetic function to execute mathematical calculation against the inbound device attributes to arrive at desired results. The final results will be attached to the synthetic attributes for data storage and analytics.

Example Voltage x Current = Power

Parameters for setting up Formula:

  • Edge - To apply formula for the specific edge.

  • Target Attribute - Must be Synthetic or Device Attribute.

  • Source Attribute - Any inbound Device Attribute.

  • Arithmetic Operators - Numeric calculator.

  • Expression - Actual formula.

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