Introducing Fogwing IIoT Platform

Quick reference guide to understand Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform!

Fogwing is an Industrial Cloud Platform that empowers industries to transform into digital manufacturing operations. Fogwing Industrial Cloud offers suite of software for maintenance management, asset reliability management, machine production monitoring, Industrial IoT, visual quality inspection and environmental safety solutions.

Fogwing IIoT Platform:

Fogwing Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) Platform manage massive device provisioning (Sensor Devices, Edge Devices and Gateways), remote access control, localized or cloud data aggregation, high speed data analysis and automatically triggering alerts and commands. As an advanced Industrial IoT Platform, Fogwing is designed to execute automated workflow / processes between connected devices based on data rules and scheduling model.

Fogwing IIoT Platform - Cloud is the comprehensive suite platform with features of Multi-Tenant Management, Edge/Fog Computing, Private LoRaWAN Network, Data Storage, Data Processing, Command Center, Rules Engine, Cloud Integration, IoT Analytics and IoT Apps. Therefore, Enterprise Cloud is recommended for any complex IoT solution development and implementation across the globe.

Fogwing Cloud is available as shared and dedicated infrastructure for Small, Medium and Large Enterprise Businesses to implement highly secure IoT based solution for various business objectives. Fogwing Cloud is fully managed and administrated by Factana's Technical Team as Managed Service; The Customers need not invest on IoT platform and spend millions of dollars in management overheads.

Fogwing IIoT Platform is engineered based on Fog / Edge Computing principles to automate industrial operations by deploying sensors, gateway and edges across units. Industrial IoT solution helps to monitor machinery health, aggregate data and predict operational efficiency based on the device data. Edge enabled devices can be deployed to perform comparative analyses at on-premises to trigger alerts and proactive messages locally. The Fogwing Cloud Platform supports to simplify edge deployment, device management and release management across hundreds of connected devices, seamlessly.

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