What is Edge

Understanding the Edge concept of Fogwing IIoT Platform

In fogwing context, Edges are device or actuators act as a source point to collect data from sensors and send to Fogwing Cloud. Edges could be physical sensor device, virtual resources, wireless devices or any embedded SOM components.

In order to ensure the data integrity and platform security, edge devices should be configured properly in the Fogwing IIoT Platform to enable the connection between Fogwing Cloud and devices.

The following are the key inputs required to create valid edge device configuration in Fogwing

  • Edge Name - Must be unique name across your applications and account.

  • Description - Give a brief info about purpose of the device and its scope.

  • Application - Pick application to grouping edge devices and data separations.

  • Edge Type - Free field to enter any but preferably "Standalone" or "Gateway" or "Edge Computing"

  • Edge MAC ID - It must be unique id given to any IP enabled devices for unique identification.

  • Edge EUI ID - autogenerated by Fogwing to given ID, must required for Fogwing Cloud connection.

  • Latitude / Longitude - It is mandatory to enter due to map view of Fogwing Platform.

  • Edge Model - Device configuration such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino board

All the above parameters required as best practice to unify and manage the device configuration at later point. When the customer exceed multiple devices across regions these parameters will be useful to identify and manage the device communication easily.

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