Architecture Overview

Understanding Fogwing IIoT Platform - Cloud Architecture

Fogwing IIoT Enterprise Cloud is the platform for Citizen IoT Developers to non-programmatically implement Industrial IoT solutions for any given business goals. The Fogwing IIoT Platform architecture has been designed with key principles listed below.

  1. Simplicity - The objective is to make the IoT solution implementation as simple as possible. Preferably as No-code development platform. This is just the beginning of new revolution.

  2. Scalability - The platform application architecture and infrastructure has been designed as scalable to handle large volume of device communication, data aggregation and processing.

  3. Security - The communication channels between Fogwing Enterprise Cloud and IoT node devices and related integrations are highly secured through industry standard secure channels.

  4. Compatibility - The components are designed and built with best of breed by developing proprietary framework and open source combinations to make it as deployable across any cloud infrastructure.

  5. Cloud-Native - Application components are built and running as containerized to make it running any elastic infrastructure.

  6. Fog / Edge - The architecture components built as micro-services model to decouple and deploy by combining our Fog / Edge SDK's as independent services within local environment.

  7. others - any many other considerations such as high performance, expandability and reachability.

The Fogwing IIoT Platform will enable community and Small and Medium Business users to host and run connected IoT application solution without any major investment technology and platform management.

Our mission is to make IoT technology accessible by any citizen user as per our mantra of "IoT for All"

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