View IoThub API Access

Following these steps will help you view your IoThub API access on Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

To View your IoT Hub API Access:

  1. Login to your Fogwing account through web control center.

  2. The Home page will appear after you log in to your Fogwing account.

  3. Toward the left side of the Home page, click on Edge Network. a menu list will slip down.

  4. Select 'IoT Hub Access' from the Edge Network menu list. You will be directed to IoT Hub Access list view page.

  5. On the right end of each IoT hub Access you have created is a 'View' button, click on that.

  6. Upon clicking view button, you will arrive on the 'View IoT hub Options page'.

  7. Here you can choose either MQTT or API. Select API option now.

  8. This should open a new browser window to showcase the swagger page of the Fogwing IoThub API.

In the above page, you have to create an API token using the IoThub user credentials created in the previous steps. Once the token generated by the API, using the token you should access the "PostPayload" method to send device data directly to IoThub.

In this approach, device can directly generate token and send data to IoThub as and when required. If you already have third party IoThub (such as AWS IoT, Azure IoT or TTN) , you can use this API approach to forward the data into Fogwing IIoT Platform for data aggregation and analytics.

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