Access SDKs Repository

Follow these steps to access SDKs Repository on Fogwing IIoT Platform.

Make it Quick!

Fogwing IIoT Platform, eases the pressure of writing codes for development boards / devices by providing its users access to SDKs Repository. SDKs Repository offers written programs / codes that will enable users to directly connect to Fogwing and initiate data sending process.

To Access SDKs Repository:

  1. As first to any activity on Fogwing, Login to your Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

  2. After you login, you will arrive at the Home page of Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

  3. Toward the left side of the Home page is the menu section, Click on the SDKs Repository option.

  4. Upon clicking SDKs Repository, users will be directly to Fogwing Platform account on Github where all necessary written codes are available.

  5. Users can then 'Select' a file and even 'Download' the code by clicking the 'Download' button on Github.

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