Delete My Edge

The following steps will help you Delete an Edge from the Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

Note: Not applicable to Viewers. Admins and Tenants can perform this action.

Anytime, Delete Your Edge

Now that you are an active account holder and user post purchase of Fogwing Enterprise version along with an application and an edge, you are also given the feature to delete your edge if you do not want it anymore or if you wish to replace it with another edge. Whatever be your reason, remain free of the dilemma whether you can or cannot delete an edge, because you can delete an edge on our platform anytime.

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To Delete your Edge:

  1. Login to your Fogwing Enterprise Cloud account.

  2. After logging in you will be displayed with the home page.

  3. Select the Edges Network menu from the left side of the home page. You will be displayed with a menu list.

  4. You will land on the edge view list page after clicking the edges menu on the home page.

  5. Click the Edges from the menu list that appears from Edges Network.

  6. Each edge that you have already created will have an edit button towards the right side. Click on the edit button against the edge that you wish you delete.

  7. At the right side of the edit edge page, there is a delete button.

  8. Click the delete button and you will be will asked if you are sure to delete with a 'yes/no' button. Click yes if you want to proceed. The edge will be deleted.

You can delete the edge without having to delete the application. Whereas, if you wish to delete an application, you must first delete the edge that is connected to that particular application, only then will you be able to delete the application.

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